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Lebanon Aid is above all an enabling organisation, helping the reconstruction and development of Lebanon.

The advancement of such purposes as the company thinks fit in the Lebanon and in any of the territories in the Near or Middle East.

- Civil and Human Rights
Ensuring civil equality for all citizens of Lebanon and protection of human rights for everyone under Lebanese jurisdiction.

- Social and Economic Justice
Narrowing the gaps that divide Lebanon and ensuring equal access to education, healthcare, housing and employment for all Lebanese.

- Religious Pluralism and Tolerance
Promoting the development of a pluralistic, tolerant Lebanese culture inclusive of diverse approaches to the different religions and Lebanese Identity.

- Environment
Working to maintain a safe, healthy, and sustainable environment for Lebanon today and tomorrow.

- Women's Rights

Empowering women to close social and economic gaps and advance their status and rights.

Lebanon Aid Limited is a non-profit organisation limited by guarantee.

Registered Office
72 New Bond Street, London, W1S 1RR, London, United Kingdom.

Registered No. 5889787 England